5 Innocent Everyday Things Activities That Contaminate Our Eyes and Cause Infection

Eye infections are very common, and everyone suffers from some type of eye problem at some point, whether it is watery eyes, redness, itchiness, pink eye, pain, swelling, or worsening vision. The problem is that bacteria in our environment gets into our eyes and can infect them causing the symptoms above, or even blindness. So, it is important to understand how we contaminate our eyes on a daily basis in order to effectively avoid contamination. So today, I will teach you five everyday things that infect and contaminate our eyes.

1. Construction

In America, there is construction everywhere, and it tends to go on constantly. Building is big profit; to make money, they have to keep building. However, a major downside to construction is that things like drilling and sawing put small particles of contaminated debris into the air. When people walk past an active construction site, this debris can settle into the eyes and cause infection, redness, pain, and irritation. Sometimes, you can even get hard material like a rock or glass in your eye from the construction, which can cut the eye. So whenever walking past an active construction site, walk past it as quickly as possible. If a sudden gust of air from the construction site hits you, close your eyes while it passes. 

2. Contact Lenses

Most people hate glasses, so instead, they prefer to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are fine as long as you are hygienic when applying them. It is not enough to just wash your hands before putting in your contact lenses. You must also make sure not to touch anything with your clean hands, such as door knobs or drawers, before putting in contacts lenses. This keeps your fingers clean while putting in your contact lenses and helps you to avoid infecting your eyes with bacteria. 

3. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is amazing and if applied hygienically, you won't likely have a problem. However, when it comes to eye makeup, the greatest risk comes with eyeliner and mascara, since these two go bad very quickly. So, in order to avoid infecting your eyes, periodically check your eyeliner and mascara for an odd smell, a bad odor, or any sign that they have gone bad, such as changes in the formula. 

Here are two tips to help you keep your eye makeup clean, so that you are less likely to infect your makeup, and it will take a lot longer to go bad:

Tip 1: Always clean your eyes first before applying any makeup. I always apply a natural organic astringent over my eyes before applying any eye makeup to protect my eye makeup from getting contaminated and going bad. For an astringent, I like to dilute the Natural Herbal Lotion with a lot of water, and then clean my eyes by applying it over the skin on my eyes. I also like to apply eye drops to clean out any dirt and debris in my eyes. If you have clean eyes to start with before applying your eye makeup, it will help prevent your mascara and eyeliners from going bad as quickly and getting contaminated.

Tip 2: Every other week or so, sometimes every three weeks depending on how many times I use my gel eyeliner, I will spray the Natural Herbal Lotion into the gel eyeliner pot to clean it. Then I wipe out the top layer of eyeliner with a makeup remover wipe to remove any foreign particles that might have gotten into the eyeliner that can cause bacteria to grow in it. With kajal eyeliners, I spray them with the Natural Herbal Lotion, and then I wipe them off with a makeup remover wipe to prevent them from going bad and growing germs.

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Tip 3: Make sure to wash your eyeliner brushes at least once a week, and store them in a clean container where the bristles are not touching any objects. Objects can contaminate makeup brushes and give you an eye infection.

Tip 4: Make sure to vacuum your floor and clean your room regularly where you apply your makeup because rooms get dusty if they are not cleaned and vacuumed periodically. Dust will float in the air and dirt is always in dust. The bristles on your makeup brushes will attract dust, which can infect your eyes when you use your brushes thinking that they are clean.

4. Hair

The hair on our head gets very dirty every time that we go outside, as well as from our pillows. It is not practical to wash your hair everyday, and it is actually damaging to do so, so dirty hair is a part of life. After all, every time we go outside, everything from bugs, dirt, debris, and pollen get into our hair. When our contaminated dirty hair gets into our eyes because it is windy outside, dirt can get directly into the eye. Furthermore, the hair fiber is strong enough to cut the eye, so make sure to keep your hair out of your eyes as much as possible, and wear hair styles that will keep hair out of your eyes on windy days, such as buns and braids.

5. Travel

Socially, travel makes people cool and worldly. Travel is something that the best people in society are thought to do, though Coronavirus is making people hesitate to travel now, as well as rethink their views on world travel. This is for good reason though. Many bad things can happen when you travel, from getting robbed, disappearances, getting kidnapped, meeting dangerous people, to encountering a new disease, virus, or illness that your body is not capable of handling. 

The problem is that, illnesses that may be rampant in one society or country, may not be known in another country, or it can be in a stronger mutated form. When someone traveling from another country comes into contact with this new illness or mutated form of bacteria, their body can't fight it well, since it is new and foreign to their system. This is one of the reasons why people who travel get sick more frequently than those who do not travel. 

Health standards need to be considered as well, since they vary in each country. Some countries have a lot of poverty so there may be a lot of bad rotten food sold and eaten on a daily basis. People who are not used to this bacteria because they come from a country with better food quality control, will not likely handle this bacteria well. This same rule applies to eyes and liquids.

If you are traveling to a country without clean water, then the water that you wash your face and eyes with can contaminate your eyes and infect them.  Similarly, in some countries, some eye products will be sold in stores that are contaminated due to poor quality control management. So while traveling, pay close attention to how people's eyes look in the general area. If their eyes look sickly, then take more precautions because there is likely something in the environment that is causing rampant eye problems.

Some good rules to follow when traveling abroad is to always research food and water quality in a country before traveling there, and then prepare accordingly. Bring your own eye products and astringents to clean yourself with. Remember to boil the water if you are ever in doubt, though this is not an end all solution. Boiling water can kill bacteria, but it won't remove things like lead and heavy metals. Still, boiling water is a great option to help prevent food and water-borne illness.

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Our eyes are very important and valuable for us. Without being able to see, even if only slightly, our quality of life would go down greatly. So, it is very important that we keep our eyes as clean and bacteria free as possible. Some bacteria may not do any major damage short-term, but some long-term, or some very dangerous ones such as keratitis and Chlamydia, can cause major problems like blindness. Thus, the best thing that you can do to protect your eyes is to practice good hygiene, and to be careful what touches your eyes and what goes into them.

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