BeautynetKorea Unboxing Online Shopping Video Haul #2 - Buying Korean Cosmetic Makeup 온라인으로 한국 메이크업을 샀어요

Hi everyone! I love Korean cosmetics, so I bought some makeup from an online Korean department store website called BeautynetKorea. I unboxed/opened up my order on camera and did some swatches to share with you all. 

안녕하세요, 여러분. 한국 메이크업이 좋아요.  온라인으로 BeautynetKorea에서 화장품을 샀어요.  나는 그 소포를 뜯어서 다 찍어요. 제가 발색을 한번 했어요.

This unboxing video is actually one of my earliest unboxing videos and shopping hauls. I created this video about two years before I got my Makeup Artist Certification and studied in beauty schools, so my makeup was very different back then! LOL!

Korean Unboxing Video/한국 메이크업 비디오

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