5 Great Everyday Wear Creative Brown Eye Makeup Ideas for The Fall Using Natural Mineral Eyeshadows

Hello everyone! Since it is still cold and we are in the fall season, I thought it would be great to share some amazing natural fall season makeup looks that are great for everyday wear. These eye makeup looks are easy, fast, and simple to recreate, even for beginners! So, without further ado, here are 5 beautiful eye makeup looks for the fall. 

1. Bronze

A great eye makeup look for the fall is an eyeshadow like this one, that is a shimmery bronze orange shade with gold undertones. Shadows like this one are beautiful, even when worn alone. Therefore, so as not to distract from the beauty of an eyeshadow like this one, I like to wear natural eyeliner with it, such as simply tightlining. 

The eyeshadow that I used to create this makeup look is the Mary Kay ChromaFusion eyeshadow in the shade Brandished Bronze

Eyeshadows like this one are great for just about everyone. The shimmer helps them show up on darker skin tones, and this gold bronze shade is excellent for people with warm skin tones, or red undertones in their skin. 

2. A Smokey Eye

The smokey eye will never die; its sultry sexiness makes it a gem for beauty makeup lovers, as well as the fact that it is very easy to create with just one or two makeup products. 

Mattes work best for a brown smokey eye. You can finish a great smokey eye by going heavy on lengthening mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

This smokey eye makeup look that I created above was made using the Mary Kay ChromaFushion eyeshadow in Espresso, which is a dark espresso brown coffee shade with grey undertones. This shadow will suit those with cool skin tones nicely. 

Using a matte brown eyeshadow like this one gives the eyes a much gentler, softer look than if you used a black eyeshadow, which would be much more harsh. A dark matte brown shade like this one makes it perfect for everyday wear or working at the office.

3. A Light Shimmer Brown

This light shimmery brown shade is very reflective, and yet the color is still excellent for everyday wear, while still adding a bit of bling to a simple makeup look. This kind of brown shade is very natural looking, so you could offer contrast by doing more dramatic eyeliner like I did. A cat eye helps create balance with the naturalness of this eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow that I used to create this look is the Mary Kay ChromaFusion eyeshadow in the shade Rustic.

4. A Brassy Sun-Kissed Brown

Beautiful orange penny brass brown shimmery eyeshadows like this one that have gold and orange undertones are very beautiful, and they show up well, even on darker skin tones. Brassy brown shades like this one are excellent for warm skin tones, and those with heavy gold undertones in their skin. Brassy browns really warm up the complexion and add a gentleness to the face and eyes. 

Since this brassy shade is so beautiful alone, I went light on the eyeliner to help prevent distracting from it, and taking away some of the softness that this shade creates around my eyes. Thus, I simply only tightlined around my eyes.

The eyeshadow that I used to create this look is the Mary Kay ChromaFusion eyeshadow in the shade Shiny Penny.

5. A Neutral Light Base Brown

This neutral flesh-colored ashy light brown shade is often used as a base shade for eyeshadows, however, it looks great alone, because it really contrasts well with the dark color of the skin, brows, and eyelashes that surround it. This kind of brown shade is very natural looking, so it is also great for everyday wear.

This ashy brown kind of shade won't suit all skin tones. Ashy browns often suit darker skin tones better than lighter skin tones, and they work best for people with a cool skin tone. 

The eyeshadow that I used to create this look was the Mary Kay ChromaFusion eyeshadow in the shade Hazelnut. The cool thing about this eyeshadow is that you actually can create two entirely different colors with it. If you wear this eyeshadow alone without eye primer, you will get more of a light red brown flesh-toned shade with grey undertones. If you wear this eyeshadow with eye primer, you will get the color that I got above which is more of a light grey brown shade. So with only one eyeshadow, you can create two different natural makeup looks. 

What is your favorite brown eyeshadow shade to play with?

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