Product Review/Göz Farı Ürün Yorumu: Golden Rose Terracotta Sparkle Trio Eyeshadow Palette - Turkish Makeup Cosmetics Türk Kadının Makyaj ve Kozmetik

Hello everyone! Herkese merhaba! Today I am excited to share with you all an eyeshadow palette that I purchased from Turkey! Bu far Türkiye'den geldi. İnternette aldım. Lately, I have really been enjoying Turkish makeup and cosmetics, and since I love to collect eyeshadow palettes, I really wanted to get my hands on one to try. So, the eyeshadow palette that I will review for you all today is from one of my favorite Turkish cosmetic brands; it is from Golden Rose, and this is their Terracotta Sparkle Trio eyeshadow palette.

Cost/Ne Kadar? This eyeshadow palette cost me less than $10 on Amazon. Bu on dolardan azdı.

Ingredients/Malzemeler: The full ingredient list is on the packaging and the box that this eyeshadow palette comes in:

Colors/Renkler: This particular palette comes with 3 colors. Üç renk var. A light forest lime green color which would be great in the spring. The middle shade is an orange brown shade that you could wear on a daily basis to work or school, and the last shade is a blue green shade that would be great in the fall. 

Swatch Without Eye Primer

How Do These Eyeshadows Look On The Eyes With Eye Primer? Nasıl Görünüyor?

Light Green Shade/Yeşil Renk

This shade has heavy yellow undertones to it that gives off a strong bronze gold feel to it; you only see a hint of green in this shade when you swatch it or apply it. When it comes to fallout, this shade has a little bit of fallout, but it was so little that it was not a problem at all. 

Out of all the colors in this eyeshadow palette, this color is my favorite, since it suits my skin tone well. Bu rengi bana çok iyi gitti. Güzel bir renk.

Middle Orange Shade/Turuncu Renk

This shade is a very glittery shade and it does need to be layered a lot to get good pigmentation and coverage. This shade does have a lot of fallout; there was so much fallout, that I had to remove the fallout with a makeup remover wipe; it is for this reason, that you should always do your eye makeup first before the rest of your makeup. Doing this saves you time, and you won't remove your foundation and concealer if the eyeshadow is messy to apply.

One thing that I did not like about this eyeshadow palette is that his shade is hard to get to because there is much less of it compared to the other two colors; there is a thinner strip of it. So, I don't recommend using your finger to apply this shade because it is easy to pickup and mix this shade with the other two beside it, since there is only a thin strip of it. I wish that Golden Rose had given a more equal amount of this shade, especially since this shade is the one that most people will reach for the most for everyday wear. 

When it comes to pigmentation, when swatching this shade, all you see is glitter. You don't see the bronze gold color that it is suppose to be, so in this way, it looks more like an eyeshadow topper, rather than an eyeshadow. However, when you apply this shade with an eye primer, it looks pretty and the bronze gold color shows through it. 

Lastly, this shade did not always pick up on my makeup eyeshadow brush. I really had to dig into the shadow with the brush to pick it up, and even then, it sometimes didn't pick up any product. I think this happened because the eyeshadows aren't soft to the touch in the palette, so the brush hairs can't pick them up easily. 

Dark Turquoise Shade/Türkuaz Renk

This glittery shade isn't as pretty swatched as it looks in the packaging, but when paired with an eye primer, it is very very pigmented. You will need very little of this shade when used with an eye primer. 

In terms of fallout, there is little fallout, which is good. Out of the three shades in this eyeshadow palette, this shade is the one with the best highest quality formula.


The way these eyeshadows look in the palette is not how they look when you swatch or apply them. The color doesn't look nice or pretty when swatched or when applied without eye primer, but when you apply the eyeshadows on the eye with eye primer, they look more like they do in the pallete; the colors look beautiful when applied in this way. 

In terms of photography, without eye primer, these eyeshadows do not photograph well. In bright lighting, the colors look very light and muted, but they look darker and more pigmented in darker lighting, everyday lighting, or when paired with an eye primer. 

How Do These Eyeshadows Feel? Peki Nasıl Bir Hismiş? This is something that is odd about these eyeshadows. Generally, eyeshadow feels powdery soft to the touch, but these actually feel hard to the touch in the palette; on the fingers though, they have more of an oily feel to them, rather than a powdery feel.

Final Thoughts/Son Düşüncelerimi?

I was surprised by this eyeshadow palette. I expected more from it, since it is from a Turkish brand that I love, and which I have bought many great cosmetics from. Golden Rose products are usually a hit for me, but this one is a fail. The quality could have been better. 

The eyeshadows in this palette look unappealing, and they don't look very flattering on camera without eye primer. As a general rule, any eyeshadow that doesn't show much color, or which looks bad on camera when worn alone without eye primer, is not considered the best quality. 

Furthermore, one of the eyeshadows couldn't always get picked up on a makeup brush. Thus, given these things, I don't recommend this particular eyeshadow palette by Golden Rose; this one does not meet my standards 😐. 

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