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Biography: All About Me 👄
私は誰デスカ?내가 누군 에요?

Hello everyone! The pictures above are me! My name is Daria. Welcome to my website, store, and blog! There is a lot of curiosity about me, so I hope that this bio will answer most of your questions 😁.

I have heard people assume that because of my interest in beauty and fashion, it is assumed that I am uneducated, but that is not the case. I already have obtained my degree/Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I also minored in Business Administration in college. 

I graduated from a prestigious school, The University Of Maryland University College (UMUC). Prior to going to UMUC, I also went to The University of The District of Columbia to attend their law program since they are affiliated with Howard University, which has one of the best law programs in the United States.

During my time in college, I took several medical and human health courses, and I also spent my free time volunteering for my church. I created educational teaching material for my church and led some of our meetings. I am also a big humanitarian, so I have been running a charity for abuse survivors for years. Here I give therapy to abuse survivors, bring awareness to human rights violations around the world, and help women escape from domestic violence. 

To access the resources that I have uploaded about the laws, worldwide human rights issues, statistics, and safety travel information, you can find them here in the notes section on the charity page.

After graduating from college, I got my TEFL certification, so I currently teach for a Japanese school 🗾 and a Chinese school as an English Teacher. I have always had an interest in languages, so I currently speak Japanese (日本語) 🏯 and Korean (한국어). I also just recently started learning Turkish (Türkçe)

Other skills that I have acquired over the years are in the realm of beauty, skincare, makeup, and health research. I have studied with three different schools and have obtained three makeup artist certifications.

I am also highly adept in video 📹  and audio 📢  production. I also specialize in 4 accents: RP (British) 🏰, Irish, Southern, and Brooklyn New York 🗽. Due to my voices and audio production and editing skills, I was able to work as a freelance voice talent for years on my own projects, as well as with an animation studio called Animatica Studios

Using my skills, I currently teach people about health, the newest health breakthroughs from recent research and medical and scholarly journals; I teach people the basics of applying makeup; I sell health and beauty products here on my website and Ebay store, and I am currently partnered with Barbara Frank. I am Barbara Frank's apprentice, and I make all her videos, and do all of her technical work for her. 

I am glad that you all made it here to my site and I hope I was able to answer all your questions 😊.

Thank you all for stopping by 💋! どうもありがとう. 고마워요. teşekkür ederim. 


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