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Beauty & Health Coaching - Learning Medical Research

Learn to make yourself more beautiful
Improve your health, hair, nails, and teeth 💇
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Flyer Creation
Let me make your flyers 📜
Click here to have a flyer created

Voice Over/Audio Creation 📻
Need a voice talent for your project? I can help you 📢
📣 Accents I specialize in:
English RP, Irish, Southern, Brooklyn New York

English voice over demo here: Emily Bronte "Love and Friendship"
English voice over demo here: Charlotte Bronte "Life"
Irish voice over demo here: Eileen Carney Hulme "Belonging"
Listen to all 4 voice over demos here

Audio file formats I offer: MIDI (MID), Wave (WAV), MP3, Windows Media (WMA) & OGG

Rates for non-broadcast dry voice over without music or sound effects

Radio $200 per minute
Commercials/TV $150 per minute
Voicemail/Phone Messages $50 per minute
Narration/Audiobooks $50 per minute
Infomercials $50 per minute
Radio $200 per minute
Animation $60 per minute
* $500 for full commercial or broadcast rights *
$50 to purchase music rights and edit it into audio
Payment accepted via Paypal

For broadcast rates, contact me via 📧
Royalty-free music can be used, but to broadcast music or use it without crediting, you will need to purchase music rights to it

📖 English Teacher/Tutor 📚
Let me help you learn/improve your English 📑

Hello! My name is Daria. I am a native US-born English speaker with two years experience teaching English and tutoring through a Japanese school called Eigox in Japan 🗾. I studied English in US schools from preschool through college with a focus on business and professional writing. I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, a minor in Business Administration, and am TEFL/TESOL certified. I am Knowledgeable in Asian 🗻 and English 🏰 culture through continuous interest and study, so I can speak Japanese and Korean, and I am fluent in both American English and British English; I have mastered both accents. When I teach, my students can choose to learn either American English or British English, and I can teach from anywhere where there is internet, regardless of the student's location, since I teach using Skype.

I am skilled with the computer 💻 and can create audios 💽, videos 📀, and personalized study materials to fit my students' needs. I have experience teaching children between 4-7, and advanced business professionals and learners as well. If you are interested in scheduling a lesson with me, feel free to contact me at:
Cost per 25 minute lesson: $15
Payment accepted via Paypal

私の名前はダリアです。アメリカで生まれました。だからアメリカ人です。日本語と韓国語が話せます。ソシテ2年間日本人に英語をおしえて います。 英語を学ぶのを助けることができれば、それは素晴らしいだろう!英語を練習したいたら私に連絡してください。 英語の授業にスカイプを使います。よろしくおねがいします。


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