3 Ways To Smudge Proof Your Eyeliner

Eyeliner can completely change your look and appearance, and make you look amazing, so it is a pivotal part of any beauty lover's makeup arsenal. However, as amazing as it looks, it often smudges after a while, and then you go from looking amazing, to looking like a panda or a raccoon 🐼 So, to help you have a better makeup day and extend your beautiful eye makeup that you spent so much time putting together, I am going to share with you the 3 ways that I reduce and limit how much and how quickly my eyeliner smudges.

1. Apply a liquid liner on top of your eyeliner. This always works for me. When I know that I will be out for many hours or if I will go out dancing, I always apply a liquid liner on top of my eyeliner. This prevents my eyeliner from smudging for a long time/hours, and when it does smudge, it tends to be just a little bit of smudging on the outermost part of my lower lash line. 

2. Apply an eyeliner sealer/sealant on top of your eyeliner. This will help seal your eyeliner in place so that it stays on your eyes for hours, so an eyeliner sealer will help reduce how fast your eyeliner smudges, and will it help prevent it from budging or fading away throughout the day.

3. Apply an eyeshadow that is the same color as your eyeliner on top of your liner. I find that this does reduce how quickly my eyeliner smudges throughout the day, but it doesn't prevent smudging for as long/for hours, the way a liquid liner or an eyeliner sealer does. So, I mostly only apply eyeshadow on top of my liner when I am using an eyeliner that is not black, since almost all of my liquid liners are in black shades.

Have fun playing with your eyeliner! 💟

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