Eyebrow Shaping - Tweezer Vs. Eyebrow Shaper

Your makeup is never done until your eyebrows are on point, but there are so many options out there for eyebrow shaping, but which is best? Which is more effective? Tweezers or eyebrow shapers? Let's start with tweezers.


I know many people use tweezers, but I have never been a fan of them for eyebrow shaping, in fact, I rarely use them in general in my daily life, but they are good if you have one hair or a few hairs that are out of alignment with the rest of your hairs, or which stick out oddly. It is easy to pick up a pair of tweezers and shape your brows a bit, and you don't have to worry about removing too many hairs; you also don't need any experience to really use tweezers. The down side to tweezers though is that they often miss really tiny baby hairs; it is for this reason, that eyebrow threading is so popular. One good thing though is that, you can now buy tweezers that have an LED light attached, so that it is easier to see these really small hairs, but stainless steel is thick, so it can still be hard to get these small hairs, even if you can see them better. We also must not forget the pain; tweezing hurts, which is also why I avoid it, and it is also because of the pain, that eyebrow shapers are also very popular.

The cool thing about tweezers though, is that they come in such cute designs these days. If you are like me and love cute things, this does make using tweezers more appealing. Here are two examples of some cute tweezers that you can buy online:

Eyebrow Shaper

Now on to eyebrow shapers. This is what I use to shape my eyebrows. I like eyebrow shapers because they are painless to use, but they are definitely not for everyone. The first few times I used an eyebrow shaper, I removed too much hair by accident and tried to rush the hair to grow back; it also takes me a good 20-25 minutes to shape my brows with an eyebrow shaper because it is a bit tricky to get them even and it is easy to remove way too much hair trying to get them even, so I don't recommend this for beginners. I think it is easier to get your eyebrows shaped using eyebrow threading the first time, so that it is just basic maintenance after that, and you can use how your eyebrows were shaped as a guide for future trimmings. You also need to already have an idea or know which eyebrow shape you like or want for your brows, before you just go in with an eyebrow shaper. Of course, some people will just wing it, and it will come out fine, but for others, it may not come out the way they expected or they may not like how the shape of their brows changed their appearance.

All-in-all though, Most people use both tweezers and eyebrow shapers to shape their brows themselves at home. Since, eyebrow shapers do require some experience, I don't recommend them for first timers, but gradually, as you get more comfortable styling your brows, and you feel confident enough to try to use an eyebrow shaper, I do highly recommend them over all the other methods that people use to shape their brows. 

Lastly, here's a tip for you

When you are at home shaping your brows, make sure you clean your tweezers and eyebrow shaper periodically, because germs can grow on them that can cause you problems later on. Also, make sure that the metal is stainless steel or titanium for these, because these metals are easier to clean and more resistant to growing bacteria and housing germs. 

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