Product Review: Colorbar MesmerEyes Kajal Eyeliner (Updated 11-4-18) मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - काजल आईलाइनर

I have another herbal kajal eyeliner review for you today. The kajal that I will be reviewing today will be the Colorbar MesmerEyes kajal. This kajal is:
  • Made in Germany
  • Waterproof and smudge proof
  • A dark black color
  • Certified in the U.S. Japan, and the EU
  • Made without mineral oil, preservatives, or paraffin
  • Made with hyaluronic Acid, vegetable extracts, sunflower oil, and Vitamin C, E, and B3
  • Made with a small ingredient list of 14 ingredients
First Impression

To my surprise, I found that this eyeliner really did what it claimed to do at first, and the color is truly a nice dark black color.

This eyeliner was also smudge proof when I let it have a few minutes to fully set. When I swiped this eyeliner to see if it would smudge in the video below, I let it sit for only about one minute, so it smudged. Then I tested it again after about 3 or 4 minutes, and I found that it did not budge at all. I went over these swatches again several times throughout the day, and they still did not budge at all, so you need to allow the eyeliner at least 4-5 minutes to fully set in place for the entire day, and then it won't smudge on you at all. 

I tested to see if this eyeliner is waterproof too. When I did one very light swipe over the eyeliner after wetting it, it did not budge, as you can see in this video:

However, when I did a few more light swipes over it while it was still wet, it did smudge really badly. A lot of it did not get removed though, even after it smudged. This is what the eyeliner  looked like after I did a few light swipes over it after wetting it:

I did notice though, that after the water completely dried on my skin and evaporated after about 2 or 3 more minutes, the liner set again fully, and it did not budge again throughout the day, even after swiping at it several times over the course of 8 hours. 

Eyeliner Application

I applied the eyeliner to my eyes without an eye primer. On my left eye, I applied the eyeliner over a gold eyeshadow. I used the second light gold shade on the right side of the 3W Clinic No. 3 eyeshadow palette (a Korean eyeshadow palette). Here is what the eyeliner looked like on this eye:

On my right eye, I applied the kajal without any eyeshadow, so I applied it directly to my eye: 

Using The Eyeliner Several More Times After The First Impression

10/26/2018 & 10/27/2018: An interesting thing that I noticed about this eyeliner is that it is not compatible with two of the primers that I wore it with. When I took these pictures and tested this eyeliner for the first time, I didn't use a primer at all, but then yesterday, I wore this eyeliner again with the Too Faced 24+ Hour Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow primer, and it started to smudge on me, not even two minutes after I applied it. When I first squeezed some of this primer out, I noticed that it looked like oil in my hand, until I shook it, and then it looked more like a cream, so I think this is more of an oil-based primer. I also tested this eyeliner out with a water-based eye primer/sealer, and it smudged that way as well, but not as much as it did with the oil-based primer.

11/04/2018: I used this eyeliner again alone without a primer or eyeliner sealer; I applied it on top of a lighter foundation that I used to conceal my dark circles, and it smudged so badly! I looked like a complete panda! 🐼 So, I think first impressions can't be used to judge a product's performance; for all future product reviews, I will do a first impression, and then update you on how the product performed after several more uses. Oddly enough though, as strange as this may sound, I think this eyeliner might only work really well the first time you use it, and then it may react to the oils in your skin and break down so that it smudges more and more over time.

When it comes to how this eyeliner looked on the eyes, I liked both eyes, though the eyeliner was much lighter in darkness/coloration on the side with the eyeshadow. Also, the texture and actual application of this eyeliner is interesting. It is really dark, which is great because women of various skin tones can use it, but the texture is so soft and buttery, that I actually had a bit of trouble applying the eyeliner to the inner corner of my eyes. On the rest of my eyes, the buttery formula made outlining them very easy, since the buttery texture made the liner glide across my eyes. However, this buttery texture can make lining the inner corners difficult because it waters there. Putting even slight pressure on the eyes can make them water, so I had to stop for a few seconds to allow my eyes time to stop watering, and then the eyeliner applied just fine to the inner corners. Also, I found it harder to get a perfect line with this buttery texture; it made it harder to get exact precision and a thinner line. I know a lot of people like really buttery soft eyeliners, but for me personally, they are a bit harder for me to work with. 

Lastly, I did need to layer the liner thickly to get the kind of super dark pigmentation that I wanted. This is the end result for both eyes:

Conclusion: I initially really liked this kajal. I had heard a lot about it from beauty bloggers who use kajal liners, and it is considered one of the best kajal liners among them. As far as application goes, as I practiced using this liner more, I was able to apply it very easily without my eyes watering and I got a straighter smoother line. So, given all my experiences with this liner, do I recommend it? Yes and no. I think that if you want a dark liner that is herbal/natural, and very comfortable to wear (as in, you don't feel it on your eyes at all), then you can try this one, but you have to smudge proof it; you should also apply eyeshadow above the liner, rather than apply the liner on top of the eyeshadow. Now, if you want a truly smudge proof liner, then this liner is not for you. I may consider trying the Colorbar liquid liner to see how it performs since liquid liners tends to smudge the least when compared with pencil and gel liners. 

If you are interested in trying the Colorbar kajals, you can find them here:

Click here to check out more kajal liners, and here to get your own set of bindi face and nose stickers. Click here to go to the article on how to smudge proof your eyeliner.

Have you ever tried one of the Colorbar kajal liners? How did it work for you? 💋

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