Eating Out Vlog - How To Enjoy An Unhealthy Food Like Seafood - Learn About Mercury and Radiation: The Ugly Truth About One of The World's Most Beloved Foods

We are getting closer to the end of the year 🎇 so I have been going out more and more lately, especially with Thanksgiving 🐔 and Christmas 🎅 around the corner. So, this time, I decided to go out again with friends for dinner yesterday. We went to a restaurant called, Hot N Juicy Crawfish. The food was so good! I loved everything I ate! It was very fresh and I felt that the pricing was really good. I don't eat seafood often for health reasons, but since it has been many years since I last ate crabs like this, I knew I had to go and vlog it. That night was so much fun and I loved the company I was with! I vlogged it in part for the memory 😋:

After we arrived at the restaurant, we sat down and ate a lot of food. I ordered fried catfish and one pound of steamed blue crabs that were cooked in garlic butter and a lemon and pepper sauce. They were amazingly fresh and the sauce made it so delicious ❤! My friends ordered sandwiches, shrimps, and crawfish.

After we were all nice and full, we then went right next door for dessert 🍨. Nancy ordered a coffee and ice cream drink, which I think I would have liked much more than mine 😔. I ordered a brownie sunday, but it was too sweet and chocolaty for me, so I could only eat half of it 😇:

After the ice cream, we all ended the evening and returned home 😪

Now that you have watched the vlog, there is something that I want to explain though because all my health followers out there have likely heard that seafood is bad for you, and it is, so I am going to explain why I ate it, the best and safest ways to eat it (in my opinion), and the reason why seafood is not eaten often by those in the health community or why doctors tell pregnant women not to eat it at all. 


Source: "File:Mercury (element).svg" by Me, Wikimedia Commons:

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about seafood is mercury, and this is a big reason why it is considered bad for you. All seafood contains some mercury, and the more seafood you eat and the more regularly you eat it, the poorer your health will be. You may not connect some of your health problems to the seafood you eat, but it is definitely there. The reason doctors tell pregnant women not to eat seafood at all is because it can be extremely dangerous for a baby, who is weak and whose immune system is not fully developed yet. Eating mercury while pregnant can cause major birth defects or health problems that can reduce the baby's chance of survival. 

Source: "New Idria Mercury Mine" by Wikipedia:

"Mercury is a toxic metal that poses a serious health risk to developing fetuses, babies and children, who can suffer brain damage and learning disabilities from prolonged or repeated exposure to even small amounts of mercury. Although the metal occurs naturally in the environment, mercury levels in our air, land and water have increased dramatically since the rise of industrialization in the late 19th century...Mercury enters streams, rivers, lakes and oceans primarily through rain and surface water runoff. Bacteria can then convert it to an organic form called methylmercury -- the form that is dangerous to people. All fish have some mercury. When small fish with low mercury levels get eaten by bigger fish, the amount of mercury biomagnifies. For this reason, long-lived fish and top-level predators like swordfish and shark often have the highest mercury levels. According to EPA, mercury concentrations in fish can be 1 to 10 million times the mercury concentration in the water." Source:

Side Effects of Too Much Mercury

Aside from being dangerous for babies, too much mercury exposure can cause mercury poisoning in adults. The side effects of mercury poisoning include:

"Numbness, memory problems, depression, physical tremors. As the levels of mercury in the body rise, more symptoms will appear. These symptoms may vary depending on a person's age and exposure levels. Adults with mercury poisoning may experience symptoms such as: Muscle weakness...nausea and vomiting, lack of motor skills or feeling uncoordinated...changes in vision, hearing, or speech, difficulty breathing." To see the full list of the symptoms of mercury poisoning, please visit this website (This is also the source of this quotation):

If you love seafood or eat a lot of it, then I recommend checking to see the mercury levels of the fish you order or cook most often. You can find this list here on the FDA website. Understanding how much mercury is in the fish you eat will allow you to monitor how much you can eat and how often. In general, the smallest amount of mercury that has been found in fish is 0.003 ppm, and that is in scallops, which are quite small, so there is a good amount of mercury in larger fish like tuna, crawfish, cod, trout, and mackerel, as well as in crabs and lobsters. In general, the bigger the fish, the more mercury it will contain, so base your portions off of the size of the fish and the amount of mercury it has. 


The second reason that seafood is not considered good for you is because of radiation from Japan 🏯. 

This is where I need to explain why I ate seafood, given all that I know about it. All seafood does contain radiation, just as it contains mercury. The radiation extends as far as the U.S., so we can't avoid it, but you can protect yourself from it and still eat the things you like sometimes. However, if I were traveling in Asia🎐, I would avoid seafood as much as possible because places like China, Vietnam, etc, are much closer to Japan 🎎 than say the UK  or America. 

Aside from the radiation ⛔, I also take the current state of our food into consideration. Since Listeria is a huge problem around the world today, choosing between seafood and other foods is more a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils. With seafood 🐙, I can still enjoy it as long as I am not pregnant 👶, as long as I don't eat it too often, and as long as I drink silver afterwards to take the mercury out of my body. If you don't already keep a bottle of silver at home, I definitely recommend getting one. Silver is amazing for preventing and helping get rid of colds, removing heavy metals out of the body, and killing some germs and bacteria that cause diseases and health problems. You can find the best silver on my website. It is also available here:

How Often Should You Eat Seafood 🍤?

I eat seafood maybe a handful of times every other month or so, unless it is a special occasion 🎉, then I might eat it a bit more frequently in a two month period. Unfortunately, Listeria has really dampened things for me, so unless I want to eat food that I don't enjoy, I generally choose less healthy foods like seafood, since compared with Listeria, which can eat a baby alive in its mother's stomach, seafood doesn't look all that bad 👌. 

If you love seafood 🍣, considering how many foods are recalled every month for Listeria, I say live a little and eat what you like, but do so in moderation. Understand that our world has changed. We have polluted 🌇 our once clean waters so badly that we have ruined a lot of our foods, and though many people like to blame commercial farming 🐷 for the contamination and depletion of our soil, it is more than that. Humans overall are just destructive to the environment because we require so much food and there are so many of us. So, given all that, accept the changes in our environment ☀, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly to give you optimal health, without sacrificing too many things that you love 🐟.

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