How To Grow Your Hair Long and Thick - Improve Hair Thinning Reduce Hair Loss and Breakage 10 Tips & Tricks

Hair is such an important part of our features, and having hair makes us feel more confident about ourselves and more physically attractive, so today, I am going to share a video with you all showing you step-by-step how to grow out your hair so that it is long, healthy, and thicker, as well as give you 10 extra tips to help you reduce hair loss, breakage, and damage.

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Grow Longer, Thicker, Healthier Hair

I made a video with Barbara Frank where she physically shows you how she gets her hair to grow long; the product she uses. She also explains the proper way to comb out your hair that will reduce hair loss and breakage, as well as how to part it and apply product to the scalp. You can see this video here on our Youtube channel 📷: Grow Hair Long Thick with Medicines From The Earth with Barbara Frank Thinning Balding Hair Loss

Tips & Tricks For Growing Longer Thicker Hair

1. Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. Never use a thin narrow fine tooth comb to detangle your hair. A fine tooth comb can break off your hair and it can make you lose much more hair. If you wash your hair every other day, this will add up and you will have a LOT of hair loss, so it can make it look like your hair is growing very little, if at all. Using a fine tooth comb can also thin the hair and make it look less thick, so avoid these types of combs when wanting to grow longer thicker hair. 

Thin Narrow Fine Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Combs

2. Throw away your combs and brushes after a while and get new ones. Combs and brushes wear out. They don't last forever, so if it has been a year since you bought a new hair brush or comb, then it is time to get a new one. What happens is that the bristles break down and start to split. When this happens, it pulls and tugs on your hair and causes breakage. The same thing happens with combs. The plastic starts to break down over time, and then it will pull on your hair and cause a lot of breakage. When you first get a new comb or brush, you will notice much less hair loss, but over time, as you continue to use that brush or comb, you will notice more and more hair in the comb than when you first used it, so when you start getting a lot of hair in your comb or brush, it is time to throw it away and get a new one.

3. Check your blow dryer for any changes, such as odd smells coming from it, or if it feels hotter than you remember. Blow dryers can change over time and experience a kind of burn out. They will suddenly feel hotter than when you first got it, so when this happens, it can start to burn your hair. You will also sometimes notice a burning smell coming from an older blow dryer. When this happens, it is time to get a new blow dryer because when it gets like this, it will damage you hair when you use it; it also becomes a safety hazard ⚠.

4. Do regular deep conditioning and de-licing treatments to your hair. Every time I wash my hair, I deep condition it and add the Natural Herbal Lotion to my scalp to kill and repel lice, and then leave the hair treatment on my hair for at least 30 minutes. I usually leave this treatment on my hair for several hours. Along with the Natural Herbal Lotion, my hair treatments generally include around 7-10 moisturizing ingredients. I don't use products with a lot of chemicals or hormone treatments to grow out my hair because they are harmful and can have negative side effects, so I will not recommend anything like that to any of you. You don't have to go 100% all natural and organic, but I do recommend reducing the use of chemicals on your hair and skin if you want it to be as healthy as possible. 

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5. Keep the blow dryer far from your hair if you use a hot heat temperature, such as hot on high, because putting it too close will burn your hair and make it dry. If you want to smooth your hair, you can use a diffuser and put it closer to your hair, but when I do that, I only use hot on low, or warm on high. I don't recommend using the hot high setting when putting the blow dryer close to your hair. 

6. When you use a brush on your hair, make sure you comb it out first with a comb, because you will lose less hair that way than if you used a brush alone.

7. When using oil on your hair, use it after you have styled your hair or as part of your deep conditioning treatment. If you apply oil to your hair when you blow dry it, it can weigh your hair down, and make it look thinner, though it does tend to be shinier. The oil will also make the hair take longer to dry, which means you will be using damaging hot tools on it longer.

8. When trying to grow out your hair, I recommend avoiding using really damaging tools or products on your hair such as flat irons, strong perms, or bleach, because these things can really damage and thin your hair. If you like to perm your hair, then opt for a kid perm over a strong perm. You can also try a texturizer instead, which is less harsh. I also recommend avoiding relaxers with lye all together; it is better to use lye free relaxers. 
9. If you want thicker hair, I highly recommend trying the Denman brush. I love this brush and it has been a total game changer for me. It has thickened my fine hair a lot, so if you don't own one of these brushes, I highly recommend getting one. I will put some at the end of this article. I also did a full review on this brush here: Product Review: Denman Brush On Straightened and Curly Natural Ethnic Hair - A Brush for All Hair Types

10. Avoid tight hairstyles such as tight braids and ponytails because they can pull the hair out from the roots and create a receding hairline and thin kitchens. 

Growing your hair long and thick will take a lot of time and patience, but it is definitely possible and worth it. It is tempting to get caught up in damaging hair routines because of current hairstyling and fashion trends, so we have all been guilty of doing harmful things to our hair. Knowing what to do though is the beginning of the journey, so as you take better care of your hair, your hair will reward you by looking more beautiful, healthier, thicker, and longer.

What harmful things are you guilty of doing when it comes to how you style your hair?

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