Product Review: Eco Style Olive Oil Professional Styling Gel with Max Hold Alcohol Free (Updated 12-13-2018)

A woman's hair is her crown 👸; her pride and glory, so it is impossible to ignore hair when pursuing health and beauty. Since I have curly ethnic hair, dryness, breakage, and frizz can be a big problem, but I have found a solution to these problems: Hair gel. Hair gel can moisturize the hair, set the style to help prevent and reduce breakage, and cut out frizz, but not all hair gels were created equal, and not all will work for everyone, so I am going to review all the hair gels that I have purchased for you all. The hair gel I will be reviewing today is the Eco Style Professional Olive Oil Stying Gel with max 10 hold that is suppose to be for all hair types

What Does The Product Claim?

It claims to:
  1. Suit all hair types
  2. Moisturize hair and scalp
  3. Tame frizz
  4. Not flake or itch
  5. Give max 10 hold
  6. Be weightless
  7. Leave hair shiny

This hair gel contains a small ingredient list of 12 ingredients; it is made with glycerin, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and olive fruit oil. It does have a perfume scent. 

This gel is made in the U.S. I purchased this gel for less than $8 on Amazon and I got a huge tub of it; 32 fl ounces of product, 946 ml. The price and amount of product that you get is excellent, so it is very inexpensive 💵.

Results When Blow-Dried

I used this hair gel after washing my hair. I applied one leave-in conditioner to my hair, and then I brushed my hair with the Denman brush to evenly distribute the product. Then I applied the Eco Style hair gel, and then I brushed it through my hair with the Denman brush to make sure that every strand had the gel on it. I then blow-dried my hair for ten minutes after braiding it into two side braids. 

I used this gel before and the results came out so frizzy and terrible, so I dried it longer this time. I normally blow dry my hair for five minutes while it is in braids to help the hair gel set and be dry by morning, but when I did this with the Eco Style gel, the hair was still wet in the morning and it frizzed. I hated how it looked, so I decided to try a different approach the second time; this is why I blow-dried it for ten minutes this time. Unfortunately, this gel was still not dry by morning, even though I slept for about eight hours. So this gel does take longer to dry than other gels I have tried, so the formula is quite thick. 

I also noticed that as I released the braids, and ran my fingers through the still wet hair to try to get rid of the part down the middle, my hair started showing signs of developing frizz, so I quickly stopped and just clipped my hair and let it air dry the rest of the day; it did seem dry after a few more hours. So on my fine hair, this hair gel is too thick and it takes way too long to dry; this is a gel that needs to fully dry first in order to prevent frizz. Since I stopped running my fingers through my hair, it did not come out as frizzy this time as it did before, but there was still frizz. So, you do need to be careful how you apply and style your hair with this gel. 

This is how my hair looked with this gel:

This is what my hair looks like when there is little to no frizz in it:

So you can see based on the pictures, that this gel does leave me with some frizz.

Once my hair dried, it felt soft and I did like how it came out, but it didn't look quite as thick as it normally does when I use other hair gels to lock my curls in place, so I think this hair gel is a bit on the heavier side and it will weigh your hair down a bit more than some other hair gels. Perhaps it is the olive oil in the gel that weighs the hair down because olive oil is really heavy on the hair. Coconut oil is better if you don't want your hair to be so weighed down since it is lighter. There is now a new Eco Style Coconut Oil hair gel, which I think I might have liked much more if I styled my hair this way with it:

Results When Hair Was Left To Air-Dry

I liked my hair far better when it was left to air-dry and I did not use a hair dryer on it at all. My hair had little to no frizz, and I absolutely loved how beautiful it looked! The only issue I had was that this hair gel took a really long time to dry, at least 12 hours, but my hair looked as thick as it normally does, so if you do not mind the extra drying time, this hair gel is totally worth it! In the wintertime though, you may want to opt for other hair gels because you should not leave your hair wet for so many hours since you could catch a cold. In the summertime though, I can definitely see myself constantly reaching for this hair gel.

Here is how my hair looked with the Eco Style gel when air-dried without heat:

One thing that I do want to mention is that I had to concentrate more of this gel on my ends because I saw frizz developing on them, so even if you brush the Eco Style gel through your hair, make sure you run over each section with your fingers to see if you missed some spots and it is starting to frizz there. Then add more of a thicker coating of the hair gel to those areas so that your hair is not frizzy after it dries. 

Lastly, since air-drying and blow-drying got such different results, how you style your hair with a product truly does matter and make a huge difference, so I recommend trying out a hair product in different ways like I did here to see if one method works better than others. 

Does Eco Style Gel Do What It Claims?

  1. Suit all hair types - Yes and no. I don't think this hair gel suits all hair types when combined with heat because of how heavy and thick it was on my fine hair, so I think this hair gel works better with heat for people who have thicker hair. When letting your hair air-dry though, I do think it will suit all hair types.
  2. Moisturize hair and scalp - Yes. I did feel that it moisturized my hair. When it comes to my scalp, all I care about is that it is free of buildup, clean, and bug free, so I didn't check to see if my scalp was moisturized after using it.
  3. Tame frizz - Yes and no. I think it will tame frizz only if it fully dries on your hair before you touch it. If you touch it before it fully dries though, you will get frizz. 
  4. Not flake or itch - Yes. this is true. It did not fake or itch.
  5. Give max 10 hold - Yes and no. Once it dried, the style was held, but I wouldn't call it max hold because the hair still moved freely, so I felt it was a natural hold. Max hold to me are those hair gels that you use to spike your hair and stop it from moving at all 😥.
  6. Be weightless - Yes and no. Since it weighed my hair down and made it look a bit less thick when mixed with heat, I do not feel that it is weightless when heat is involved, but when there was no heat, I did feel that it was weightless.
  7. Leave hair shiny - Yes. I have never seen a hair gel that did not add shine to my hair, and this one is no exception; my hair did look shinier with it.

Final Thoughts: Even though I did not like my hair all that much when mixed with heat, the fact that it came out fabulous when air-dried, and you do get a lot of product at a great price, I do definitely recommend this hair gel. I would avoid mixing heat with it if you have fine hair though, and in the wintertime when it does not make sense to leave your hair to air-dry, I would recommend opting for a different hair gel. All-in-all though, I really do like this hair gel, and I can see why it is so popular with many Black hair bloggers.

Have you tried this hair gel before? What did you think of it?

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