Product Review: Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal Eyeliner Made With Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Honey, Camphor, Butter, & Vitamin E मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - काजल आईलाइनर

Today, I will review another Indian herbal kajal liner. The kajal liner that I will be reviewing today is one of the most well-known Indian kajal brands: Blue Heaven. I sell Blue Heaven kajal liners on my shop page since I really enjoy them. So today, I will give you a full review on them; I will tell you both the good and the bad, so it will be an honest review. 

Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal Liner In Black

This kajal liner:

1. Is herbal - It is made with herbs to help nourish the eyes and lashes

2. Is made with:
A. Honey 
B. Almond Oil
C. Castor Oil
D. Camphor
E. Clarified Butter
F. Vitamin E

3. Has a small ingredient list of 13 ingredients

4. Claims to be smudge-proof
5. Claims to be waterproof
6. Is made with natural vegetable colors


One of the reasons that I really like this kajal liner is that it is really dark, even on brown and tan skin. You do need to layer it two-three times to get the color as dark as it is in this swatch, but even with one swipe, it is still quite dark. The ingredient list is great as well, so I think this kajal will really help protect the eyes from some pollution and soothe rather than irritate them.

Is It Smudge-Proof?

No it is not. Almost every brand that sells eyeliners claims that their liners are smudge-proof, but they usually never are. Too many factors can cause smudging such as oily lids, oxygen can break down the formula, etc, so this is not surprising.

Is It Waterproof?

No it is not. When I wet the line that I made with the liner, and then ran my finger over it, it did smudge. I tested it again later after waiting for the water to completely redry, and then I ran my finger over the liner again, and it did smudge again.

Eyeliner Application

I applied the eyeliner to both my eyes over a water-based eye primer. On the left eye, I applied the eyeliner directly on top of my eye without any eyeshadow, and this is how it came out:

The liner came out much darker and applied more smoothly and easily directly on top of the eye than when eyeshadow was applied.

On the right eye, I applied the eyeliner on top of eyeshadow. When applied on top of eyeshadow, the line did not come out quite as dark and I had to layer the liner more to get the liner darker. Here is how the eyeliner looked on top of eyeshadow:

Final Thoughts

Here is the how both eyes looked lined with this kajal eyeliner: 

I love both sides, the side with eyeshadow and the side without. The color of this liner is such a nice rich dark black color, that it really enhances my eyes, my makeup, and my whole face. The ingredients are great as well. If you are worried about smudging, then I recommend smudge-proofing your eyeliner. I wrote an article on how to do this which you can find here

This kajal liner is really inexpensive and available on my store. If you want to try one of the Herbal Blue Heaven kajal liners, you can get them here. You can find the bindi/the face sticker in the center of my forehead in the photos here. You can use bindis to decorate your face, or as fake nose stickers. 

All-in-all, I love the Blue Heaven Herbal kajal liners, so I do highly recommend them! They are good quality eyeliners and very pigmented, so they will suit a variety of skin colors nicely👍

Have you tried any of the Blue Heaven Herbal kajal liners? What do you think of them? 📌

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