First 2019 Declutter - Hair Dye, Eye Creams, Chemical Acid Peels - Face & Hair Products

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second month of 2019! I have some products that I am decluttering, including hair dyes, eye products, and acid peels. So, let's jump right into this declutter 😉.

I am decluttering these three semi-permanent hair dyes. My favorite color to dye my hair has been purple for the last 2 years, so with that said, I am only decluttering the two Manic Panic purple hair dyes because I emptied them. 

The Manic Panic Electric Amethyst purple hair dye looks quite dark in the jar, but it is actually quite light in color when you apply it to your hair, so I used it up but I prefer more dark plum purple colors, so I won't buy this color again. The other Manic Panic purple hair dye is called Purple Haze, and it is my favorite Manic Panic purple hair dye, so I will be repurchasing it. It lasts for weeks in my hair, it doesn't bleed onto my pillow, and my hair doesn't feel damaged after using it, so I absolutely love this purple hair dye. 

I highly recommend the Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dyes because I find that they actually deeply moisturize the hair, most of them won't bleed onto things, and many of them can even take to some darker hair as well. 

When it comes to blue hair dye, I have always struggled to get it to look nice on my hair regardless of how much I lighten my hair beforehand. I don't know why, but a lot of semi-permanent blue hair dyes either turn green on me in as little as one washing, or they are more green than blue the very first time I apply them to my hair. It is for this reason that I am decluttering the Crazy Color Capri Blue hair dye. This dye turned green immediately the very first time I applied it to my hair; when I went to wash the dye out of my hair after applying it all over, my hair was green and not blue. I wanted blue hair not green, which is why I bought this color, so this hair dye did not do what I wanted it to, so I am decluttering it. 

I absolutely love this Himalaya Under Eye Cream. I have tried many under eye creams and I felt that they did absolutely nothing for my dark circles. This is the only eye cream I have tried that actually lightened the darkness under my eyes, so I am only decluttering this one because I finished it up. I already have a brand new one that I am using now. I have been using this under eye cream for years, and I have no intention of being without it. 

I used to be really into chemical acid peels. This was the brand that I was using for a long time, but after using acid peels for almost a year, my skin suddenly changed and couldn't stand them anymore. These acid peels used to work well for removing the upper layer of skin that was scarred, but after using them for almost a year, they actually started scarring my skin, so I think acid peels are only meant for short-term use or for a limited number of uses. I feel that chemical acid peels harm the skin and change it over time. I believe they may even thin the skin over time, so I don't recommend using them.

This is a Korean eye serum that is suppose to grow out your eyelashes. I didn't get to use this eye serum enough to see if it actually worked though. I only used this eye serum about a handful of times, and I didn't see a change in my eyelashes, so I stopped using it. When I went back to try it again, it looked weird so I felt it went bad, so that is why I am decluttering it.

These Innoxa French eye drops are suppose to enhance and brighten your eye color, but I didn't notice any change in my eye color when I used them. I used the whole bottle up, and still my eye color didn't look brighter or changed, so I am decluttering it and won't repurchase it. 

I used to have a job where my nails got really dirty all the time and I started worrying about germs and bacteria growing under them causing an infection, so that is why I decided to buy this Antimicrobial Nail Solution. I didn't develop an infection on my nails while using this, but at the same time I wasn't really impressed with it. So after I quit my job, I had no use for this, so that is why I am decluttering it. 

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