Product Review: Korean Brand Makeup Cosmetic - Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I love Korean makeup, and more Korean brands are now selling face makeup for darker and more tan skin tones. The reason for this is to sell to the U.S. market (there is more and more Korean makeup brands being sold in Target now), and because there is a current trend in Korean for tanning. So, one of the few Korean brands that has darker shades is Missha, so I will be reviewing the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream today.

This BB cream is definitely healthier for your skin since it contains:

  1. Rosemary Extract
  2. Chamomile Extract
  3. Hyaluronic Acid
  4. Ceramide
  5. Adenosine
  6. Caviar Extract
  7. Jojoba Seed Oil
  8. Hydrolyzed Collagen
  9. Matricaria Flower Extract
  10. Algae Extract
  11. Gatuline RC Extracted From Beech Bud
As well as many other ingredients.

Cost: $8 - $10💰
This BB cream has a perfume scent.
It has SPF 42 PA+++
Amount of Product: 50 ml

This BB cream comes in six shades:

A. Honey Beige     
B. Natural Beige
C. Light Beige
D. Warm Beige
E. Caramel Beige
F. Golden Beige

I got the darkest shade, which is Golden Beige. Here are swatches of this shade:

Review & Wear Test

This BB cream is suppose to block UV rays, lighten and whiten the skin, and make the skin look smoother and more flawless. 

Heaviness: While wearing this BB cream, it did feel light on my skin; not heavy. It felt like there was nothing on my skin. In photos though, it does appear to look thick, though it does not feel that way. In addition, this BB cream does have a very mask-like appearance on my tan brown skin, despite that I am wearing the darkest shade. 

Shade/Flashback: This BB cream does what it promises; it does whiten and lighten the skin. When you take pictures with a flash, there is flashback, so this BB cream will look very white on the skin when taking pictures. If you are not taking pictures, and when in normal lighting, this BB cream does blend in a bit better to match your skin.

Coverage: This BB cream has really good coverage. It has medium coverage, but it is buildable, so if you build it up, you can get close to full coverage. Also, since this BB cream does lighten and whiten the skin well, it does cover dark circles pretty well.

Blending: This BB cream does blend well into the skin, and I did not need to set it with powder. However, you have to be very careful to make sure that you cover every inch of skin, otherwise, you will have patches where your real skin color shows through and it will look very odd and out of place. I circled this in the photos below so that you can see how this looks. 

Lines: This BB cream did settle into the lines under my eyes quite a bit, so I recommend keeping it away from the under eye area. 

How It Looks On The Skin

Before (No Face Makeup; Different Lightings)

After With BB Cream

Final Thoughts

Pros: This is a great BB cream because it does cover really well and it does reduce the appearance of dark circles. The coverage for this BB cream is so good that you can wear it by itself in place of foundation. 

Cons: The downside though is that when taking pictures, because there is a lot of flashback and a white cast, it can look quite white on the skin and very mask-like if you are at all tan. Also, because of the whiteness of this BB cream, I do not feel that this BB cream is for women of color or women with even a slight tan. This BB cream is exclusively for very light-colored women, such as Asian women and women who are very pale. 

Finally, this BB cream did settle into the lines under my eyes and into the lines on the left-side of my mouth. So when wearing this BB cream, you should keep it away from the under eye area, and since it does settle into lines, I do not recommend it for older more mature skin.

Personally, I feel that my skin looks better without this BB cream; it just isn't for my skin tone.

Have you ever tried any of the Missha BB creams? How were they for you?


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