Product Review: Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows - Autumn Leaves Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone! A friend of mine works for Mary Kay, she is a Mary Kay sales consultant, so she sent me a bunch of eyeshadows from Mary Kay for free, and she even put an eyeshadow palette together for me. So I am going to review one of the palettes she sent me today. The palette I will be reviewing today is the Mary Kay Autumn Leaves eyeshadow palette

The Mary Kay eyeshadows cost $8 💵 each. They are made in Canada, and they are mineral eyeshadows, so they are better for your eyes. This palette, the Autumn Leaves palette, comes with four colors: A leafy 🍁 green color; a gold shade that reminds me of the sun ☀ on a warm summer day; a dark plum purple shade, and a lighter deep purple shade. The gold and green shades are perfect for summer 🌸 and spring 🌼 makeup looks. 

Pigmentation: All the colors are beautiful and quite pigmented, even without an eye primer. I got the most pigmentation out of them though by layering them and using an eye primer.

Color: The darkest purple shade is more matte compared to the others because, although it looks like there is shimmer in it when you look at it in the packaging, once you apply it to the eyes, it doesn't show any shimmer, so it is more matte in appearance. The green and gold shades have a ton of shimmer and they are so beautiful, so they are my favorite colors of all the shades. 

Texture: They all have a soft texture so they apply to the eyes easily. 

Long-Lasting: The eyeshadows last on my eyes all day, even without an eye primer. 

Packaging: These eyeshadows come with simple packaging. The pan is not magnetic and the eyeshadows are not glued to the package, so be careful not to turn the eyeshadows upside down because they will fall out. Thus, I recommend putting them in a magnetic eyeshadow palette.

How The Eyeshadows Look On The Eyes

The light green shade

The gold shade

The darkest purple shade/The third shade starting from the left

The lighter plum purple shade on the far right

Final Thoughts: I love this palette and I can see myself wearing all of the colors often, especially in the summer and spring. I also like that they give you a bit less of the green shade compared to the others because you are likely to use this color the least of all the colors. Nonetheless, I love all of the colors. I feel that these eyeshadows are good quality, and I love that they are more natural mineral makeup, so I do highly recommend the Mary Kay eyeshadows. 

Where To Get Mary Kay Products?

You can get Mary Kay products from one of their consultants. My friend is the only Mary Kay consultant that I know, so I will give you her information:

Venitra Frost
Here are some of the newest shades that are now available in eyeshadow palettes from Mary Kay consultants:


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