Harajuku Fashion From Japan That Has Spread To The U.S. & Canada - Lolita, Visual Kei, Kawaii, Gyaru, Cosplay Fashion 原宿ファッション、日本のファッション, ロリータ、ビジュアル系、カワイイ、ギャル、コスプレ

Hello everyone! I recently went to a fashion event in Washington DC; it was the Japanese 🏯 Style Harajuku Fashion 原宿日本のファッション walk. This event was amazing! It was a type of fashion lovers haven! There were many people there expressing themselves in many different unique fashion styles, so I want to share Harajuku fashion with you. I also have photos and a video from the event I attended in DC for you at the end of this article.

What Is Harajuku Fashion? 原宿ファッションは何ですか

Harajuku fashion is a movement and a form of free expression that allows people to express themselves freely through their clothing, hair color and style, makeup, shoes, and accessories. The idea behind Harajuku fashion is to do what you want, no matter how outlandish, rather than simply following the main fashion trends and styles. Harajuku fashion is about creating a wider definition of beauty and fashion; it is about allowing people to express themselves in more colors and styles in their own unique style. Harajuku fashion is a way of feeling more comfortable and free in your own body and skin.

How Harajuku Fashion Came Into Being どうやってはじまりました か

Harajuku fashion came about as a response to Japan's traditional values, its focus on collectivism instead of individuality, and its strict rules and expectations for its citizens. So Harajuku fashion is a form of rebellion since it as a way of expressing their own individuality, personality, and fashion, while also making a statement and resisting Japan's strict societal norms.

Harajuku fashion is named after a famous popular part of Japan called "Harajuku 原宿". Harajuku is in the city of Tokyo 東京. It is a place where fashionable people gather in Japan to celebrate their unique forms of fashion. You will also find different fashion styles from the UK and the U.S. in Japan. Those who take part in the Harajuku fashion scene, meet at Harajuku station. From the train station, they walk around the area showing off their unique fashion styles with everyone. They take pictures and socialize with other people like them. Harajuku is the perfect fashion center because it is a place that specifically caters to young people, and it has shops that follow the ever changing fashion trends.

How Long Has Harajuku Fashion Been Around?

Perhaps it is because of what Harajuku fashion represents, that it has lasted many years. In the fashion world, many fashion trends come and go, but Harajuku fashion has been around for almost 40 years; it has been around since the 1980s. Harajuku fashion is not limited to Japan though, since it spread to the U.S. in the 20th century. Recently, it has even come to Canada. The first Harajuku fashion walk occur in 2016 in Vancouver Canada, so Harajuku fashion is becoming more and more recognized in different parts of the world.

During the Harajuku fashion walk, you will see many different fashion styles including: 

Multi-Colored Hair カラフルな髪
Especially pink, purple, green, and blonde hair ピンク色、紫色、緑色、金髪の髪

Goth, Punk, Rocker Styles ゴシック、パンク、ロッカーファッション

Lolita Styles ロリータ
Lots of ribbons, ruffles, and dresses based on European Victorian and Edwardian clothing リボンヨーロッパドレス. There are also dark lolitas which wear European style clothing, but with a gothic punk twist

Gyaru ギャル
Light hair colors, tan dark skin, sexy and wild clothing 日焼けした肌, セクシーな服, and heavy makeup. Gyaru is actually one of the oldest forms of Harajuku fashion since it was a term heard as far back as the 1970s.

"File:Girls in Tokyo.jpg" By Greg: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Girls_in_Tokyo.jpg

Traditional Mixed With Western
現代の服, 着物, 浴衣 ファッション
This is my own personal style, where you mix traditional Japanese style clothing, such as the kimono and yukata, with modern Western clothing. When I attended the event in DC, I wore this style.

Cosplay コスプレ
This is when you dress as your favorite anime or manga characters

Visual Kei Fashion Styles ビジュアル系

"File:Visualfan.jpg" By Shiny Things: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Visualfan.jpg

Cute Kawaii Fashion かわいいファッション
Lots of rainbow colors, graphics, and sometimes toy accessories like stuffed animals

"File:Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at MTV VMAJ 2014 (2).jpg" By Norio Nakayama: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kyary_Pamyu_Pamyu_at_MTV_VMAJ_2014_(2).jpg

People from all over the world come to Japan to join the Harajuku fashion walk. The U.S. and Canada also have their own Japanese style Harajuku fashion walk. I attended my very first Japanese style Harajuku fashion walk in Washington DC. I took a lot of photos of the event and made a video for you all with those photos and information about Harajuku fashion. You can watch the video here ビデオを見てください:

Click here to watch this video on my Youtube Channel

If you want to join the Harajuku fashion scene in Washington DC, there are two groups you can join: DMV Harajuku and DC Kawaii Style. Both groups are on Facebook. These groups meet each month to do a Harajuku fashion walk. 

If you could attend a Harajuku fashion walk, which fashion style would you go for どんなファッションが好きですか?

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