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Today I will review some Korean K-Beauty makeup/cosmetics. The products that I will be reviewing are by a brand that I just recently learned about called Some By Mi. I received a PR package from them and it had a lot of their makeup and cosmetics in it, so I will be reviewing them for you all. Of course, this will still be an honest review, 100%. If you want to see the full video on everything I received in this PR package from this brand, you can see it here on my Youtube channel.

The Some By Mi Moisture Lip Rouge lipsticks come in 4 colors: 01 Whispering Grapefruit, 02 Sensual Ruby, 03 Pinky Pool, and 04 Fatal Burgundy.

Some By Mi claims that their lipsticks are highly pigmented, they add volume to your lips, they stick to your lips, and they lock in moisture.

These lipsticks contain organic and natural ingrdients including: Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, jojoba and other botanical oils.

The two Some By Mi Moisture Lip Rouge lipsticks that I have to review are shade 01 Whispering Grapefruit and 04 Fatal Burgundy

Whispering Grapefruit

The swatch above shows what this lipstick looks when layered a few times. As you can see from the swatch though, this color does not compliment my brown skin very well, so I apply this lipstick in a light single layer on both my upper and lower lip, rather than apply it thickly and layered. When applied this way, this shade looks so much better on me and it really compliments my skin tone. 

Here is how this shade looks when I apply one light layer of it to my lips:

I like this lipstick for a light natural look to my makeup. It is also a great pink for tan brown skin like mine when applied in a single layer like this. If you have very chapped lips though, you will need to exfoliate your lips first before applying this lipstick because if you don't, it can accentuate your dry patches. My lips have been dry lately, but only the very inner part of my lips have been chapping, and it is this part that was accentuated when I wore this lipstick. I still feel that this lipstick is moisturizing though, but much less so than the Fatal Burgundy one below. On my lips, when I apply only a light layer of this lipstick, it has a much more matte feel to it. However, I feel that if you layered this lipstick on your lips, it would be much more moisturizing on your lips. So how you apply this lipstick affects how it feels and looks on your lips. 

When it comes to tint, because my skin is tan/brown, there is a slight tint left behind with this lipstick, but on my skin tone, it is pretty much invisible. If you have pale or very light skin though, the tint will be more noticeable for you.

Fatal Burgundy

The swatch above shows what this lipstick looks like when layered a few times. This is a well-loved lipstick for me! I absolutely love this lipstick because of the shade, the fantastic shine, how pigmented and moisturizing it is, and the smoothness of the formula! I love that this lipstick is made from natural and organic ingredients as well. I can layer this lipstick again and again, and it does not look patchy or show the dry areas on my lips 💋.

Here is how this lipstick looks on my lips:

Another reason that I love this shade so much is because it makes my lips look even bigger/more voluminous, and it leaves a nice tint behind so that my lips still look pigmented even after eating or drinking. The strong tint that is left behind shows how well this lipstick sticks to your lips.

Here is the tint that remained after I removed the lipstick with a napkin:

Final Thoughts: I like these lipsticks; Fatal Burgundy especially, I have used a lot. In general, I feel that the Some By Mi Moisture Lip Rouges are good quality, from the ingredients, to the pigmentation and how they look on the lips. I also feel that these lipsticks do what the brand claims they do: They both have good pigmentation; Fatal Burgundy really adds a lot of volume to the lips; both leave a tint behind so they do stick to your lips, and both are moisturizing, so I do recommend them 😏.

Here are some of the other makeup, cosmetic products that Some By Mi has if you want to try them:


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