My 4 Favorite Eyeliner Styles - 2 Natural Makeup Looks & 2 Intense Eye Looks

When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is by far a do or die for me. I could have no other makeup on my face at all, but as long as I have eyeliner on, I feel like I can take on the world. The reason for this is because I very much feel that eyes define our faces more than any other feature on our faces. Our eyes show our personality; they are the window to our soul. So for me, lining my eyes is putting who I am, my personality and traits, more out there for the world to see. It is like putting my best self forward into the world. So of course, I have developed a preference for certain eyeliner looks. So here are four of my favorite eyeliner looks.

Natural Single Line

This look is great for everyday wear. I love to pair this eyeliner look with a bright red or dark brown lip. You can make this look even more natural by pairing it with a pink or nude lip. 

Creating this look is very simple and definitely easier and less irritating than tightlining because all you do is draw a single line above your upper eyelid. I like to make this line thick, but slightly thinner at the inner corner, and thicker at the far most outer corner of the eye. I love this eye look because it is fast to create and comfortable for long-wear. I find tightlining uncomfortable for my eyes. My eyes get tired and feel much heavier when I tightline them, so I tend to avoid tightlining, so eyeliner looks like this one are a go-to for me.

Classic Half Double Eyeliner 

(I totally created this name you guys cause I couldn't find a name for my exact eyeliner look >.>)

This look is intense, and it does require a bit of work to achieve, so there are two secrets to this look. The first is to follow the natural shape of your eye. Make the eyeliner thinner in the inner corner, and much thicker and wider at the outer corner. I have almond shaped eyes, so I drew the eyeliner in an almond shape. I drew the line downwards at the very outer corner, but in a sideways triangle shape. Think of a wing, but going downwards and much thicker. 

On the lower lid, I drew the eyeliner as close to the eye as possible/tightlining, but I didn't apply it directly on the waterline. I also did not apply eyeliner at the inner corner of the eye. Instead, I applied eyeshadow there, so the eyeliner on the lower lashline gets thinner as it gets closer to the inner corner, and then the eyeliner stops just a bit past the middle of the eye.

Natural Double Line

I absolutely love this eyeliner look. Now, I did tightline my waterline here, but only on the lower lashline, and to avoid irritating my eyes, I only used an herbal kajal liner to do it. Also, in order to succeed with this look, you have to use a really dark eyeliner. Many drugstore liners just aren't dark enough, especially if you have an olive, tan, or more golden brown complexion, so kajal liners are sometimes the only appropriate liners for tightlining in my opinion.

Furthermore, in order to get such a perfectly straight dark neat polished line as the one I drew on my lower lashline, you did have to go heavy and thick on undereye concealer. The undereye concealer that I used to achieve this look is the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in the shade Medium

I applied this concealer all over my eye after applying an eye primer. Then after applying my eyeshadow and eyeliner, I applied it again directly under my liner on the lower lashline. I ran a thick layer of concealer straight from the tube under my eyeliner. I didn't use a brush; I applied the sponge applicator directly to my undereye area right under the liner in order to serve as a barrier to prevent the kajal from moving, and to make it look very neat, perfectly smooth, and dark. So I did not blend the concealer in, I just gently patted it to layer it thickly under my liner.

For the upper lashline, I drew my eyeliner so that it did not extend past the outer part of my eye. I made the line slightly thinner at the inner corner, but I focused on keeping the width of the eyeliner the same from the outer part to the inner corner of the eye.

Lastly, I did have to layer the kajal about 3 or 4 times while tightlining the lower lashline in order to get it as dark as I wanted, as dark as it is in this photo.

Double Line Winged Eyeliner

This eyeliner look is definitely not for everyone and it does take a lot of practice to be able to draw your eyeliner thickly without smudging it all over your face, or without making the line uneven and everything but straight. So this is definitely a look for more advanced makeup users, but it is still a popular eyeliner look among goth and punk fashionistas, as well as people from other parts of the world such as India, Turkey, and the Middle East.

This is a classic eyeliner look because the liner follows the natural shape of the eye, and it does have a sideways triangle shape at the outer part of the eye. Furthermore, the line is thick all around the eye, including at the inner corner of the eye, so this is definitely a very dramatic eye look. This look is great for parties or special occasions though since it does draw a lot of attention to your face and eyes.

In order to draw this eyeliner look, you have to follow the natural shape of your eyes, so if you don't have almond-shaped eyes like I do, then your eyeliner will look different from mine. 

I personally find this eyeliner look to be much faster to create though compared to all of the other looks in this list, with the exception of the first one. The reason for this is because you really don't need much precision to make this look work; you just need to draw your liner all around your eye, from the inner corner to the outer corner. As long as you use a good eyeliner pencil that is more smudgeproof, or you know how to smudgeproof your liner, then this look is not so hard to achieve and maintain.

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What is your favorite eyeliner look?

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