Product Review: Bourjois Paris City Radiance Liquid Foundation

Hello everyone! Today I will review a liquid foundation for you all. The foundation that I will review today is the Bourjois Paris City Radiance liquid foundation.

Cost: $7-$17 depending on where you buy it

This foundation has SPF 30, an anti-pollution screen, and radiance boosting pigments.

Brand Promises: The brand promises that this foundation will refresh and even the complexion; will have a natural finish; will brighten the skin, and will give 24 hour hydration all day long. This foundation's anti-pollution screen will also prevent carbon particles from adhering to the skin, which will allow the skin to breathe comfortably.

This foundation comes in 6 shades:

1. Rose Ivory
2. Vanilla
3. Light Beige
4. Beige
5. Golden Beige
6. Golden Sun

I have the shade 5 Golden Beige. For a foundation, the shade range is way too small, so this is not an ethnic-friendly foundation.

How This Foundation Looks On The Skin

My Skin Type: I had normal skin since I was a child, but recently it has become oily.

Before Applying The Foundation (No Face Makeup)

After Applying The Foundation

My Experiences With This Foundation

This foundation adds a sheen to the skin, so if you have oily skin, you may not like this foundation. If you have normal skin, I suggest setting this foundation with powder.

White Cast/Flashback: This foundation has a white cast/flashback.
This foundation is too white on my skin, so I don't recommend it for anyone with tan or darker skin.

How It Looks: I don't like how this foundation looks on my skin. I feel that my skin looked better, healthier, and younger before I applied this foundation.

Coverage: This foundation has excellent coverage; it is full coverage. You can layer this foundation as well where you need more coverage in order to build it up and get more coverage.

Scent: This foundation has a strong perfume/fragrance smell. When I smelled this foundation directly from the bottle, it gave me a slight headache. I normally don't have a negative reaction to fragrance, so I think there is a chemical in it that created the smell that my body does not like.

Dark Circles: This foundation did lighten my dark circles, but my under eye area still didn't look good; it looked like this foundation just cast a shadow over my under eye area, rather than improving and smoothing their appearance.

Lines: This foundation did settle into the lines under my eyes, but it did not settle into any other lines on my face, such as my smile lines.

Final Thoughts

I have other foundations that I like more than this one, but it is not a bad foundation. I think this foundation is only for a select group of people; people with light-colored skin, such as Asians or Caucasians, and not for people with any sort of tan or darker skin. The coverage is excellent for this foundation though; I don't come across foundations that I feel can reach true full coverage often so this is impressive. All-in-all, I do think that this is an excellent foundation for people with dry pale light-colored skin who are not sensitive to fragrance. For everyone else, I do not recommend this foundation.

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