Product Review: Garnier Fructis Style Power Spike Explosion Party-Proof 24 Hour Extreme Hold 10 Hair Gel

Hello everyone! I love natural and organic hair products. I generally have a preference for them, but today, I decided to try a drugstore product on my hair to see what would happen. The product that I will be testing out is the Garnier Fructis Style Power Gel Spike Explosion Party-Proof 24 Hour Extreme Hold hair gel. Wow, that is a long title 😣! Well, let's begin!

Cost: $12-$19 depending on where you buy it.

How Much You Get: 9 fl oz.

Ingredients: Though this hair gel is not organic, it does have a few good ingredients in it, including:

1. Glycerin
2. Castor Oil
3. Geraniol
4. Citronellol
5. Lemon Fruit Extract
6. Ceramide
7. Taurine
8. Water

Brand Promises: The brand promises that this hair gel is non flaking; that it will hold your hair for 24 hours, and that it works on both damp and dry hair.

This hair gel has different variations that you can choose from. I bought the 10 extreme hold because my hair can get frizzy and nappy, but you can also choose the Clean Slick Maximum Control 8 Hold, the 9 Hold, or the Disorder hair gel. 


I washed my hair. Then I separated my hair into four sections. Working on each section one at a time, I applied my leave-in conditioners and combed each section to detangle my hair. Then I applied about a nickel size amount of this hair gel onto each section. Then I braided the hair. After each section was braided, I then blow-dried each section. I blow dried my hair for about 10-15 minutes, and then I let it air dry the rest of the way as I slept.

How This Hair Gel Looks On Hair

Experiences With This Hair Gel

This hair gel really smoothed down my roots better than most products I have used on my hair, and I did love the curl pattern that this hair gel created. 

Shine: My hair wasn't as shiny as it normally is when I use other hair gels that I own, but this product did add some shine still.

Drying Time: My hair was not dry when I woke up after sleeping for about 6 1/2 hours, but after an hour of moving around, it did finish drying, so I took it down. So even if you blow dry, you will need to give your hair a few hours to dry.

Frizz: One thing that I did not like about this hair gel is how it made my curls look beautiful and smooth in some areas, but frizzy and almost matted in others. Even though I applied this product exactly the same way on each section of hair, it did not apply evenly, so this is something to keep in mind.

On Dry Hair: This hair gel lasted longer than 24 hours when I applied it to my roots to make them lie down; it also held them in place all day. When I woke up the following day, this  product was still in my hair, so this hair gel works better on dry hair for me.

Flaking: There was no flaking from this product.

Final Thoughts

On wet hair, this hair gel is just okay. It didn't wow me and my hair has looked better with other products, so I won't use this hair gel for setting my hair again while it is wet. 

I do really like how it controlled my roots and kitchens though, so I will continue to use this hair gel daily to make my roots and edges lie down. I will only use this hair gel when my hair is dry, since it works perfectly this way. 

Thus, for some hair types, this hair gel may perform better on dry or wet hair, and not necessarily on both. Furthermore, I do feel that this hair gel does what the brand promises that it does. It can be used on both wet and dry hair; it is non flaking, and it does hold the hair all day.

Do I recommend this hair gel? I actually do because it does have quite a few good ingredients in it; you get a lot of product and you only need to use a small amount each time; it did hold my roots extremely well and it performed well on dry hair, better than other products I have tried, and it did hold my style for an entire day. 

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