Product Review: Garnier Fructis Style Power Spike Explosion Party-Proof 24 Hour Extreme Hold 10 Hair Gel - UPDATED: 9-14-2019

Hello everyone! I love natural and organic hair products. I generally have a preference for them, but today, I decided to try a drugstore product on my hair to see what would happen. The product that I will be testing out is the Garnier Fructis Style Power Gel Spike Explosion Party-Proof 24 Hour Extreme Hold hair gel. Wow, that is a long title 😣! Well, let's begin!

Cost: $12-$19 depending on where you buy it.

How Much You Get: 9 fl oz.

Ingredients: Though this hair gel is not organic, it does have a few good ingredients in it, including:

1. Glycerin
2. Castor Oil
3. Geraniol
4. Citronellol
5. Lemon Fruit Extract
6. Ceramide
7. Taurine
8. Water

Brand Promises: The brand promises that this hair gel is non flaking; that it will hold your hair for 24 hours, and that it works on both damp and dry hair.

This hair gel has different variations that you can choose from. I bought the 10 extreme hold because my hair can get frizzy and nappy, but you can also choose the Clean Slick Maximum Control 8 Hold, the 9 Hold, or the Disorder hair gel. 


I washed my hair. Then I separated my hair into four sections. Working on each section one at a time, I applied my leave-in conditioners and combed each section to detangle my hair. Then I applied about a nickel size amount of this hair gel onto each section. Then I braided the hair. After each section was braided, I then blow-dried each section. I blow dried my hair for about 10-15 minutes, and then I let it air dry the rest of the way as I slept. 

The first time I applied this hair gel, I used much more product with it; I used a small amount of the gel, but three different leave-ins. The second time I applied this hair gel, I got much better results because I used much less leave-in; I only used about a quarter size amount of one leave-in with this hair gel the second time I applied it. 

How This Hair Gel Looked On My Hair The First Time I Applied It

How This Hair Gel Looked On My Hair The Second Time I Applied It

The first and second time I applied this hair gel, I found that it really smoothed down my roots better than most products I have used on my hair, and I did love the curl pattern that this hair gel created. 

Shine: My hair wasn't as shiny the first time I applied it as it normally is when I use other hair gels that I own, but the second time I applied it, there was more shine. 

Drying Time: The first time I applied this hair gel, my hair was not dry when I woke up after sleeping for about 6 1/2 hours, but after an hour of moving around, it did finish drying, so I took it down. 

The second time I applied this hair gel, my hair was completely dry by the time I woke up, so this hair gel works better with as little extra product used with it as possible. 

Frizz: The first time I applied this hair gel, my curls looked beautiful and smooth in some areas, but frizzy and almost matted in others. The second time I applied this hair gel, frizz was much better, so using too much leave-in with this hair gel can cause the hair to have trouble drying and it can cause more frizz. Thus, less leave-in results in less frizz and no matting because the hair can fully dry and set with the gel.

On Dry Hair: This hair gel lasted longer than 24 hours when I applied it to my roots to make them lie down; it also held them in place all day. When I woke up the following day, this  product was still in my hair, so this hair gel works amazingly well on dry hair.

Flaking: There was no flaking from this product.

Final Thoughts

Originally, on wet hair, I felt that this hair gel was just okay. It didn't wow me, but the second time I used this hair gel, I loved the results, and so I actually bought a second bottle, as well as several other Garnier Fructis hair gels to try.

I really like how this hair gel controlled my roots and kitchens, so I continue to use this hair gel daily to make my roots and edges lie down, as well as to prevent frizz when going to a club or a muggy hot place. 

This hair gel is a great example for the importance of technique (how you set and style your hair), and how much product you use. Technique really makes a difference, so here is a tip: If you have fine or thin hair, using less product to set your hair is best because too much product will weigh the hair down and prevent drying

Do I recommend this hair gel? Yes! I recommend it because it does have quite a few good ingredients in it; you get a lot of product and you only need to use a small amount each time; it holds my roots extremely well and it performed well on my hair, better than other products I have tried, and it did hold my style for an entire day. 

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