Product Review: K-Beauty Etude House Prism In Eyes Korean Makeup Cosmetic Eyeshadows

Today I will review some K-beauty makeup: Two glittery eyeshadows by the Korean brand Etude House. Though Etude House is a Korean beauty brand, these eyeshadows were made in Italy. These eyeshadows are available in 15 shades online. I purchased two of them to review: PP501 Shining Ruby 샤이닝루비 and BR406 Crystal Sugar 크리스탈슈가

Cost: $8-$13 a piece depending on where you buy them.

Color: These eyeshadows are beautiful glittery shimmer shadows. The brown shade is one that you can easily wear everyday to run errands and to go to work; it is also great for natural makeup looks, but with a bit of oomph to it. The red shade would be great on holidays such as Christmas 🎅 and Valentine's Day 💕. 

Pigmentation: Both of these eyeshadows are very pigmented in just a single swipe. 

Ingredients: These eyeshadows are made with gel dough, powder, pigments, and pearls to make them adhere to the eye and to create the sparkle and glitter effect. These shadows also contain mica, chondrus crispus extract, silica, and glycerinThese shadows have a small ingredient list of 20-25 ingredients, depending on the shade. 

Packaging: The packaging is quite sturdy and nice on these shadows.

Application: These eyeshadows applied easily and smoothly without any issues.

How These Eyeshadows Look On The Eyes

BR406 Crystal Sugar 크리스탈슈가

There is lots of shimmer in this champagne beige gold shade that has pink undertones. This is a very natural everyday color that you can wear anytime. This shade applied easily but it did have some fallout, so make sure that you do your eyes first if you wear this shade.

PP501 Shining Ruby 샤이닝루비

This shade is closer to a matte red burgundy color with a hint of shimmer. This shade does need to be layered in order to get an even dark color like what you see in the packaging.

Final Thoughts: I love these eyeshadows! They are so beautiful and I think that they are good quality. They look very nice on the skin, and they apply easily. I also appreciate the ingredient list and the price point, so these are definitely eyeshadows that I recommend to you all. 

Etude House Eyeshadows On Amazon

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